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Winterbourne is a US citizen. The young man has lived in one of the countries of Europe for many years and has become out of touch with his native country. One day he arrives in a small town in Switzerland to visit his aunt. In a local hotel, he accidentally meets the Miller family: the mother, her young son and the daughter. The girl really attracts Winterbourne. She is very beautiful. Her behavior is quite inconsistent, which is unusual. In Europe, you will not meet girls like her. She talks to a stranger without any problems and Winterbourne understands that he falls in love. The girl chatters about her family, travels and plans. When he understands, that she has not yet visited one of the local castles - the young man offers her to show this sight.

Hard words:

disrespectfully, marchese, signorina, prettiness, honour, favour, buttonhole, parasol, splendidly, serenely, unsophisticated, vulgarity, delirious, sarcastically, snob, madam, monotonous, audacity, moustache, trembling, irritated, scandalous, perplex, respectability, repeating, sarcasm, courier, agitated, elegantly, respectfully.