Great Britain flag icon  Darkest Hour

 Anthony McCarten

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It is the beginning of the forties of the twentieth century. The German troops led by Hitler invade the part of Europe and prepare to absorb it completely. The British Parliament realizes that the prime minister no longer has power and cannot help. The people of Britain start giving way to despair. The opposition demands the resignation of the minister, accusing him of inability to defend the country in difficult times. He is ready to resign. He also puts forward a new candidate - Winston Churchill. After many years, Winston will turn into one of the most famous people of the twentieth century. These times are still far away. But soon Churchill will have the opportunity to show his intellect and charisma.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1696 Total words: 22646

Hard words: pushed, educating, surrendered, queen, surrounded, attacked, refused, parents, duff, invaded, discussed, proved, wishing, liked, harbour, moved, passed, evacuated, reaching, bringing, warmonger, staying, studying, ruled, formed, worst, worked, punished, produced, lord