Great Britain flag icon  Dead Cold

 Sue Leather

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It was a small town, where the body of a girl was found. It happened in January. The town was located in the mountains, not far from Denver. In the distant past, precious metals were mined in this village. Nowadays this city has turned into a place for rest: people like to come there and ski or just have a walk in the mountains. So you can spend a pleasant weekend. Lots of movie stars buy houses in this town - it's quiet and beautiful. This city has never been like a place where you can find a corpse. There have been accidents or injuries while skiing, but not exactly murder. The morning of the main character began with the fact that he was called in by the police and told about this crime. He realized that he would have to deal with this difficult situation.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1006 Total words: 13320

Hard words: pushed, parents, liked, answered, grey, moved, staying, studying, worst, worked, picked, kept, catching, shouted, putting, oilman, turned, drowned, caught, remembered, becoming, dressed, helped, pulled, opened, needed, stopped, wearing, destroyed, redness