Great Britain flag icon  Destination Unknown

 Agatha Christie

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A number of leading scientists disappear without a trace. There is a huge possibility of kidnapping. Probably the scientists are being blackmailed so they are hiding. Enormous concern is growing in the ranks of the international intelligence community. Only one woman has the key to this mystery. Unfortunately, Mrs. Betterton lies on the hospital bed, dying from injuries sustained in the Moroccan plane crash. At the same time, Hilary Craven is preparing to end her own life in a hotel room in Casablanca. Her husband left her and her child passed away. There is no reason to live anymore. An overdose of sleeping pills and everything will come to the end. One stranger interrupts this desperate suicide attempt. Since there is nothing more to lose, this man offers Hilary a more exciting way to die.

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Hard words: pearl, colouring, detected, seine, aerodrome, frenchwoman, uplifted, underclothes, honour, lord, memorized, establishing, aeroplane, carol, speeder, craven, scornfully, skinned, spiteful, bandaged, adapted, august, leprosy, shirtsleeve, imagining, radioactivity, shapeless, fission.