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 Antoinette Moses

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Saul had been working for many consecutive hours. Finally he wearily rubbed his sore eyes. His computer could distinguish his voice and execute commands. But the man did not like to talk to the machine. Typing was much easier and more familiar. After all, it was hard to talk loud and think. Saul was a professional writer and a music critic. He loved music and could write much about it with high quality. Many others dreamed of a job like this. But Saul was very good at his profession so his superiors were quite pleased with him. Once he needed to stop writing. He had to do social work for some time. Saul hated it! But the man simply had no choice. He lived in an unusual world where social work was the responsibility of every person.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1734 Total words: 22175

Hard words: newsreader, electrocuted, oldie, honour, marvellous, licence, lorry, practise, admiringly, tapping, petrol, crazily, communicating, sonata, conditioned, imagining, restful, bye, confederation, goodnight, matched, resigned, confirmed, scanning, exhausting, anti, quickest, truthfully, lying.