Great Britain flag icon  Donald and the Drovers

 Jennifer Bassett

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These islands are located to the west of Scotland. They are wild, almost uninhabited, but very beautiful. Even the names of these islands are unusual: North Uist and South Uist, Harris and Benbecula. Earlier, there were no bridges between them and many people went to the neighboring island using a boat. When the tide began - the path became inaccessible. In that time people needed boats. Donald had a boat and he offered it to those travelers who missed the ebb. The rest of the time he worked as a shoemaker. But the old boat helped Donald to earn much more money than repairing shoes. He was never on the mainland, but he met a lot of different travelers and heard about life in different countries. This is not the same as a real travelling, but also allows you to feel involved in another life.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 424 Total words: 1279

Hard words: drover, ferryman, undead, ach, ford, shilling, fearfully, gaelic, seabird, goodnight, miserably, thankfully, mysteriously, luckily, ferry, mainland, mist, foolish, overhead, supper, pronounce, excite, silently, warming, autumn, sometime, fare, halfway, fisherman.