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 Alan Battersby

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Nat Marley is a private investigator. He tells us how one day he found himself in the middle of a thrilling but dangerous adventure. It was an ordinary evening. Nat was relaxing in McFadden's Bar. A mysterious woman caught his eye. She looked beautiful and rich. The woman took out a note and read it. Suddenly her expression changed and she ran out of the bar. Nat became curious and followed the woman. But very soon she disappeared in the crowd. The next morning the same woman came to his office. She introduced herself as Angela Lake. According to her story, she was divorcing her rich husband Robert Lake. She had to return him all the valuable gifts he had ever given her, including some very expensive jewels. Angela was too scared of her husband and asked the private investigator to help her. Many Nat's troubles started with that.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2123 Total words: 20952

Hard words: bast, queen, shanghai, doubting, notepaper, signaling, photocopier, neighborly, madhouse, loveless, pacific, emptying, mugging, punching, hacking, marksman, expensively, plainclothes, optimistically, stressed, wrongfully, sociable, rewind, coldness, valuables.