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 Jane Austen

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Emma Woodhouse is beautiful, clever and rich. She lives with father and her teacher, her mother died and sister married and went to live with her husband. She has never thought of getting married herself. Instead, she amuses herself by trying to arrange marriages between her friends and neighbours. Although Emma still young and knows a little about the world, she thinks she always right. As a result, Emma makes a lot of mistakes and causes more problems than happy marriages. Because she is so busy trying to arrange other people’s lives, will she lose her own chance of happiness? Will she make all her relatives happy or sad? Will she ever married someone or no?

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Hard words:

fortnight, vicar, sensibly, goodnight, unsuitable, impressed, succeeding, unimportant, unwelcome, adopted, annoy, amuse, eldest, amusing, ballroom, delightful, congratulate, annoying, misunderstand, specially, kindness, outdoors, niece, pity, suspected, dislike, deaf, fetch, rude, delighted.