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 Bernard Cornwell

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Excalibur is one of the most famous swords in the world literature. It was created by the god Velund, the best blacksmith in the world. It became the legendary and mighty weapon of King Arthur and the basis of his power. Young Arthur took out this sword from a rock and proved his right to become the greatest of the kings of Camelot. Once the evil fairy and Merlin's sister Morgana decided to kill Arthur and stole his magic sword, which gave the tremendous power and healed wounds. As a great warrior, the king was able to defeat his killer. Before the death, the king took the promise from the last survived knight of the Camelot. He asked that warrior to put the sword into the water - to return it to the Mistress of the lake. A hand appeared from the water and took the sword to the depth, waving it for the last time. The legendary sword went to that place, from where it came to this world.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 980 Total words: 5658

Hard words: eagle, queen, armour, honour, swordsman, wronged, banished, forcing, knight, disharmony, drawbridge, disloyalty, practise, lordship, inhabited, distrustful, magnificence, snarling, undisciplined, unguarded, deathly, dividing, rolled, betrayed, misplaced, admiring, reflected, respecting, overwhelmed, lying, hilltop.