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 Ray Bradbury

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The story by Ray Bradbury "Fever Dream" describe a 13-year-old teenager Charles. He is ill with scarlet fever. The boy is constantly in his room – an enclosed space, in fact. Only occasionally his parents come. But nobody shows any special interest in him. From the lower floor of the house, one can hear the singing of a canary. Being alone with a fever the boy begins to rave. It lasts for a few days. As Charles is convinced, his whole body gradually disappears from the tips of the fingers on his arm. The boy calls for help, but nobody believes him. Everybody considers it as a game of imagination, typical for a fever. Charles is sure, that this disease born from one cell, increased and killed his former self. He is no longer himself. Suddenly, after the illness’ peak, a full recovery comes, as everyone thinks. Is it true? Is it real Charles or has he been turned into a disease that can do more evil than anything else existed before?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 675 Total words: 2263

Hard words: popped, reproduced, scurrying, tolerantly, counterpane, laundered, numbed, strapped, choked, cloakroom, bounded, pulsed, pitifully, rotted, guillotine, lethargic, jest, canary, pinched, crisply, declared, alight, flooded, colorless, petrified, feverish, hoarse, gravely, crushing.