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 Chuck Palahniuk

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The protagonist of the book is not very happy with his life. He has a very monotonous job. He is an insurance payment expert. The hero often travels around the country, but every journey is similar to the previous one. Even on the trip he is surrounded by the same things and exactly the same people. The state of health also troubles. For a long time, the man has been suffering from severe insomnia. It is getting more difficult for him to perceive the world around. The doctor suggests to visit a support group for seriously ill patients and see how real problems look like. Soon the protagonist meets a strange young man named Tyler. After a while, a girl named Marla comes to the support group. She is so afraid of death that watching terminally ill people reassures her. These two people will change the life of the hero.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2464 Total words: 28102

Hard words: faking, skimmed, biorhythm, smirking, pissing, envied, chakra, constipated, evacuated, pressman, nitro, beeping, faker, chapped, nitroglycerin, trashcan, tallow, glycerin, injected, projectionist, jammed, lye, verbena, hammered, yelling, sterilized, pacific, napalm, resurrected.