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 Brennan Frank

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Harry Chen was fifty years old, and he looked like a typical teacher. He always wore a tie and a cotton jacket, even in the hottest weather. For the past twenty years, Harry has taught archeology at one university in Singapore. In addition - he was a thief. Harry has always loved archeology: he adored ancient things with the age of hundreds and thousands years. It was very nice to keep history in your own hands. Most of all, Mr. Chen liked ceramics. The university often sent him to make a research when another ancient artifact was found somewhere. But Harry didn't like that valuables would crouch in museums. He kept for himself small things that others did not know about. The thief has accumulated a large collection of stolen antiquities.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 701 Total words: 3683

Hard words: rosewood, coldness, rubbish, alarmed, shopkeeper, waking, stillness, lecturer, careless, annoy, aged, archaeology, mid, orchard, pottery, noisy, disappearance, whistle, waitress, archaeologist, relaxed, lottery, cafe, antique, useless, supper, grind, winning, excite, remains.