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 Brennan Frank

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Aunt Brenda runs a guesthouse in Hastings. This town is a popular tourist destination. When people come here, they usually choose to stay at her guesthouse. Aunt Brenda takes great pride in her specialty - 'Full English Breakfast'. Her husband Uncle Ralph is a butcher. All sausages provided by him are an integral part of the 'Full English Breakfast'. All Aunt Brenda's guests have tried the sausages and liked them. But Mr. Dunn is an exception. He refuses to eat the famous sausages because he is a vegetarian. He gave up eating meat for health reasons. Aunt Brenda doesn't take no for an answer. She decides to lie to her guest and gives him meat sausages saying that they contain only soya and herbs. This lie has shocking consequences.

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Hard words: eagle, soya, chewed, guesthouse, hungrily, chewing, rubbish, lying, mum, seaside, cheerfully, managed, vegetarian, tasty, butcher, niece, raised, rude, temper, bacon, seventeen, sausage, toast, cereal, amazed, wool, frighten, grind, excite, delicious.