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 Rachel Bladon

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In the late 19th century India was not a nice place to live in. Most of its territory was controlled by the British government. It brought much grief to this land. The Indians were poor, divided and humiliated. Only a special person could save the country. Luckily, such a person came along. His name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, but for his kindness and faith he was given the name Mahatma (Great Soul). Gandhi couldn't bear the suffering of his countrymen. So he stood up for the basic human rights. Gandhi's life was difficult and full of challenges, but he never gave up. He fought for justice till the end. His peaceful protest was far more effective than any violent method of fighting. This book gives an account of events that led India to independence. It is a perfect illustration of how one person can completely change the history.

Hard words:

pearl, taxed, queen, untouchability, invaded, maths, partitioned, harbour, indenture, bengali, lord, fasting, seditious, caliph, farmed, appendicitis, ashram, bengal, barrister, sedition, natal, vegetarianism, indentured, viceroy, dispensary, marmalade.