Great Britain flag icon  Gone with the Wind 2

 Margaret Mitchell

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It is a love story, which conquered the whole world and became the benchmark of romance and true feelings. The main character is flirtatious green-eyed Scarlett. She captivated hearts of many men. Her mind, charm, courage and strength of spirit cannot but attract attention. In spite of a huge popularity, she loves only Ashley Wilkes. One day she met a daring and rude, strong, handsome and charming Captain Butler. Scarlett did not like him as he was arrogant and mocked her. Captain Butler fell in love with her at first sight. Later a civil war between the North and the South starts. Scarlett would change and stop thinking only about men and dresses. She would become a strong, powerful woman and take responsibility for her loved ones.

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Hard words:

overdressed, jewellery, raped, honour, sally, carpetbagger, typhoid, wading, prissy, fatherless, hungrily, unguarded, deathly, unsigned, sawmill, careen, cowardly, fussy, hateful, coolly, lying, blackened, softness, nervousness, cheaply, fright, sweetly, insulting, sadden, hardened.