Great Britain flag icon  How I Met Myself

 David A. Hill

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This is a story about an unusual adventure in the life of a simple guy. In one of the cold winter evenings, the main character was coming back home from work. At that time, it was very cloudy in Budapest. The heavy snowstorm began. It was quiet around, as if the whole city stopped waiting for something mysterious. The main character was thinking about a little trouble that happened to him at work. The snowstorm became stronger. Suddenly, the door opened somewhere and one man ran out. This stranger accidentally pushed the protagonist away. He fell into the snow with some indignant shouts. The man muttered an apology and just quickly ran away. The hero froze in deep amazement. This unknown man looked exactly like him, as if he was his twin. This stranger had the same face.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1122 Total words: 12485

Hard words: colourful, goulash, doppelganger, barman, august, imagining, deciding, moustache, lying, thirteenth, ghostly, bookshelf, housekeeper, racing, beaten, receptionist, hungarian, ringing, smoky, comer, fireman, handkerchief, programmer, luckily, cinema, unsure, yoga, tailor, sunshine, multinational.