Great Britain flag icon  How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin

 Rudyard Kipling

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Once upon a time, rhinos had skin without a single wrinkle. His skin was completely smooth, without any folds. There were even three buttons on this skin. This story happened long ago. A Parsee lived on an island in the middle of the Red Sea. The Parsee had only a hat, a knife and a cooking-stove. One day he wanted to bake a cake. So he took flour, sugar and water. He made a very big cake and baked it till it smelt wonderful. And then a Rhinoceros came up to him. It had a large horn, piggy eyes and no manners. The rhino ate the whole cake and went away. The Parsee was very angry. A few weeks later the weather got very hot. The rhino took off his skin. He left it on the beach and went to swim in the sea. And the Parsee found his skin.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 227 Total words: 814

Hard words: buttoned, scrubbed, worse, smelt, rhinoceros, piggy, scratchy, rolled, fell, carrying, wanted, going, dreadful, said, baked, saw, nowadays, temper, underneath, till, coming, scratch, stove, fascinating, horn, fold, flour, magic, cooking, palm