Great Britain flag icon  How To Turn Down A Billion Dollars

 Billy Gallacher

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This book is about a simple mobile application. Snapchat allows you to send photos with different special effects. The story also tells about three friends who have an original idea. Initially, one of them just wants to create sites. The second one is a good programmer. But only the third friend offers a fresh idea of a new interesting application. But friendship does not always stand the test of money and success. Unfortunately, three friends are no exception. On 25 February, everything starts. Reggie sues his former partners Evan and Bobby from Snapchat. Recently he was fired from this company. Reggie hires an expensive lawyer to defend his interests. He is waiting for a real war in the courtroom.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 719 Total words: 6531

Hard words: pushed, parents, liked, moved, studying, worked, snoopy, peekaboo, kept, designed, twitter, filmed, potter, pacific, watching, adding, advertised, disappeared, posted, august, helped, played, traveled, seconds, joined, sending, slingshot, needed, stopped, keeping