Great Britain flag icon  Inca Mummy Girl

 Joss Whedon

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It was sunny day. Baffy’s school went to the museum. Buffy, Willow and Xander were talking about upcoming events by the way. Students of the exchange programme come for them soon. Buffy didn’t interested who it would guy or girl. Because she didn’t want guests in her house at all. Xander loves Buffy and is jealous of her if this student will muscular guy. At that time, guide has begun talking the legend about the princess of Incan. Incan had choosen the new beautiful young princess and immolated her for the mountain god 500 years ago. Princess were guarded by the seal. It was the warning for everyone who wants to wake her up. The sacrifice was buried alive forever and remained in the tomb. Our trinity were looking at this mummy of princess and compassion on her. Soon Xander has recollected about exchange of students and all left the room. But one of Buffy’s schoolmates has came to the mummy and accidentally he has woken up the dead princess…

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Hard words:

archaeology, bodyguard, brace culture, destroy, exchange, exhibit, gold, guide, host, mix, mummy, princes protect, sacrifice, sarcophagu throat, translate, weak