Great Britain flag icon  Last Bus to Woodstock

 Colin Dexter

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'Last Bus to Woodstock' is the book that earned its author Colin Dexter the highest 'Gold Dagger' award from the Detective Writers' Association. This book is the first part in the 'Inspector Morse' series. Life is quiet and calm in one campus. But one day everyone hears the news of the brutal murder of a girl. The local residents are shocked and terrified. An experienced inspector Morse is in charge of the investigation. The case is very difficult. Everyone keeps many secrets and and has a skeleton in the cupboard. During the investigation the inspector learns that the victim sometimes slept with men for money. What other secrets did she have? The author keeps his readers in suspense until the very end. When it seems that everything is clear and the killer is found, an unexpected plot twist happens.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 4982 Total words: 69958

Hard words: nearside, carriageway, pretending, tapped, stopping, slackened, tucked, tongued, sounded, paternally, mumbling, escorted, transposed, assessing, caressing, drifted, subsided, combing, wilful, misting, visualized, pushed, fumbled, persevering, welling, surrendered, reeling, noticing, metamorphosed, containing