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 Louisa May Alcott

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This book is based on Louisa May Alcott's childhood memories, where the author pictured her family. Louisa has three sisters. Each girl has her own temper and character and the novel is all about it. So, dear readers welcome to the house of family March in XIX century. Mrs. March is sitting near the fireplace, surrounded by her daughters, and reading a letter. It is the first Christmas for them without their father. The family has courage and supports each other despite the difficulties of the wartime, a constant lack of money and diseases. The sisters are working, studying and helping their mother with the housework. They are also putting on some family performances and writing a literary newspaper. Soon they accept a new member of their friendly company. Little girls have to grow up on the books like this.

 Tags:   family    war    kindness  

Hard words:

august, unselfish, wetness, motherly, firelight, girlish, goodnight, snowman, tongs, rubbish, spoonful, shyness, gratefully, lying, skating, hurriedly, telegram, lifeless, lovingly, scarlet, tidy, annoy, armchair, stained, amuse, managed, losing, cupboard, curly.