Great Britain flag icon  Lorna Doone

 R. D. Blackmore

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This is a romantic adventure novel about a love story between farmer John and Lorna. A beautiful girl was kidnapped by robbers in her childhood. Everything happened in England during the reign of King Charles the Second. It was a difficult period for the country, when wars between feudal lords set the tone for life of ordinary people. The author wrote this book based on real historical events. This is a story about love, lost parents, children and evil enemies. And, of course, about the wealth, which suddenly appears out of nowhere. The development of events is usual for this genre, but it does not spoil the book. This is a real fairy tale told in the traditions of a historical novel. The main character is a strong, but kind and naive person. A real knight from fairy tales and myths.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1538 Total words: 20692

Hard words: pretending, pushed, noticing, queen, surrounded, wondering, attacked, refused, parents, robbing, liked, answered, faced, moved, passed, bringing, widened, staying, carried, worst, discovered, worked, punished, lord, clouded, staring, picked, unkindly, kept, stole