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 Jane Austen

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It happened about thirty years ago. Maria Ward, a girl with seven thousand pounds in her pocket, managed to attract the attention of a rich man. It was Thomas Bertram. This man was an aristocrat, the owner of a huge country house and several hectares of land. He loved Maria and married her. But her two sisters were less fortunate. The poor priest became the husband of her older sister. Maria's younger sister married a young naval officer. She understood that the family would not accept her choice. She voluntarily distanced herself from the sisters, but over time, her husband began to drink and could not provide for the family. They had many children, but they were very poor. The younger sister began to regret having quarreled with her family.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1174 Total words: 12613

Hard words: feelingly, baronet, honour, parsonage, amusingly, rehearsed, flattered, admiringly, fanny, august, dreamily, thoughtless, ungrateful, feverishly, ordained, politeness, unsuitable, clergyman, flattering, widowed, miserably, unnecessarily, lovingly, harp, fiance, quarrel, disgusted, generously, pleasantly.