Great Britain flag icon  Me before You

 Jojo Moyes

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This is a classic love story between a strong successful guy and a modest girl. The book might seem trivial, but the usual plot is viewed from a completely new angle. Will's life is like a dream. He is rich, handsome and successful. The guy loves fast riding a motorcycle and always knows how to achieve any goals. This causes sincere envy of others. One day, Will hurries to a business meeting. Suddenly he falls under the wheels of a motorcycle. This accident changes his life forever. Now Will is confined to a wheelchair. He cannot even eat on his own, so he needs round-the-clock care. It seems, life is over. But at one crucial moment Will meets Louisa. New changes are to happen. Something unexpectable is waiting for the desperate guy.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1101 Total words: 10965

Hard words: funnily, grandad, footballer, telly, quadriplegic, motorbike, august, bungee, probate, stupidly, shaving, buttered, triathlon, tights, lying, posh, marquee, redundant, lunchtime, racing, tidy, horrify, cupboard, fridge, bourgeois.