Great Britain flag icon  Middlemarch

 George Eliot

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Two sisters Dorothea and Celia are very alike – they young and beautiful, but they have very different nature. Dorothea is very sensible and religious and Celia is sweet and quite careless. Two men who visit sisters’ house have oblivious intention to marry Dorothea. One of them is young and handsome baronet Sir James Chettam, another one is the Reverend Edward Casaubon. Mr Casaubon is also a scholar who devoted all his life for writing book about religious history. Although Reverend was much older than Dorothea, and looked like dry mummy as other villagers say, Dorothea preferred him to baronet. New family spend they honeymoon in Rome cause Casaubon has to work at library of Vatican. Here Dorothea suddenly feels disappointed by her marriage…

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2154 Total words: 23525

Hard words: gossip, plain, sleeve scholar, tenant flighty, sketching, dilettante, bachelor, gentry, infantile, dull, nun, pedant, contempt, faded, rayles simpering, enfranchised, pawnbroker, ro ally, bribe, hasty, anguish, bundle, burden, gout