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 Jennifer Bassett

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The book begins as a diary in which one woman leaves a message for her granddaughter. She says that when the girl reads this - she herself will be already dead. She wants her granddaughter to read this diary ?fter her twenty-fifth birthday. Many years ago the grandmother had a good friend - a young student named Milo. He was very silent, intelligent and loved listening to her stories. Once he confessed to the girl how he differed from other ordinary young people of his age. Milo revealed who he really was. At first, the girl did not believe him, but soon she understood that the boy was not lying. She immediately sat down to write a diary to warn her future granddaughter. This information was too necessary.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 787 Total words: 5074

Hard words: maths, august, moor, schoolboy, fright, unreal, astonished, cheerfully, scientifically, granddaughter, moonlight, seventy, trained, sleepy, climbing, cheerful, noisy, bored, loudly, sixty, frighten, loving, taxi, clever, boring, terribly.