Great Britain flag icon  Mrs Dalloway

 Virginia Woolf

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In this is a story the reader will learn about one day in the life of Clarissa Dalloway, a fifty-year-old socialite. Other several interesting other characters will also appear. Clarissa Dalloway prepares for a big evening party to be held in the evening. At the beginning of the novel, she walks through the streets of Westminster. She heads to a small flower shop. At that moment she meets Hugh Whitberd, whom she has known since childhood. Now he occupies a high post in the royal palace. Next to this graceful aristocrat, Clarissa always felt like a schoolgirl. The events take place after the First World War and the novel tells how this terrible event affected the lives of the main characters. How they changed and how they managed to live with such spiritual wounds.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2667 Total words: 20458

Hard words: overbalance, resented, grumpiness, surrendered, stammering, queen, journeying, fidgeting, beauteous, adventurousness, dribbling, disrespectfully, impenetrability, contemplated, charmless, lecturing, geniality, kerb, submitted, underdressed, uncultured, hollowed, cordiality, eclair, detested, detestable, benevolently, murmured, genially.