Great Britain flag icon  Murder by Art

 Janet McGiffin

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Everything happened in the emergency department. Maxine sat down at the reception desk at Mercy Hospital. The woman gladly let her tired legs rest. It was a Saturday night and her working day was very long and hard. She was wearing the uniform of a doctor, her hair curled from heat and humidity. There was an air conditioner in the department, but every time the hospital door opened, another portion of hot humid air got inside. The nurse handed the woman a glass of ice water and said that in a few hours they would be able to go home. Their hospital was located in one of the poorest and most dangerous areas of Milwaukee, which meant that there was always a lot of work. But even after nine hours of work, Maxine was going to watch an exhibition at the arts center.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1545 Total words: 20976

Hard words: nailed, roped, paperboy, pumped, nightdress, stonewall, itching, ford, august, canceled, conditioned, miniskirt, workbench, keypad, scratching, rolled, panicked, matched, identified, cappuccino, scrambled, lying, alarmed, overdose, fright, doorbell, pathologist, seated, unpack.