Great Britain flag icon  Murder on the Orient Express

 Agatha Christie

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This case made our hero think not only with his head, but also with his heart. The passengers of one of the most luxurious trains in Europe could not even imagine that their journey would turn out this way. At the beginning, everything was fine. But later everyone was shocked by the news. One of the passengers had been killed. All thirteen people who travel in this unblessed train carriage are under suspicion. No one knows the motives of the murder. And no one has an iron alibi. M. Hercule Poirot was accidentally travelling by this train. Being one of the best detectives in the world, he started investigating this case. So, the usual journey turned into one of the most fascinating riddles in history. The detective had to solve the murder as soon as possible, until the killer struck a new blow...

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1561 Total words: 18096

Hard words: unhelpfully, tommy, goddaughter, tidily, notepaper, jewellery, manservant, unemotional, ford, unfashionable, toothache, governess, unpleasantness, ting, judging, firstly, imagining, heartbroken, goodnight, numbered, tearful, moustache, schoolgirl, disprove, surname, flattened, rubbish.