Great Britain flag icon  My Little Ghost

 Jennifer Bassett

1871    79    20    1    3     6

Small children love the sense of security. They like one and the same thing happening every day. They like everything familiar, and unfamiliar things make them feel uncomfortable. Avusi lives in a small village in Papua New Guinea. His mother works in the city. She takes care of other children. Every morning Avusi wakes up from the sound of his mother's voice as she's going to work. Every time Avusi asks for permission to go with her, but she always refuses. Avusi does not like to be without her. One day he asks if it is true that Mom is working in a house with many ghosts? After that, she allows Avusi to go with her. He learns that there are many other people who do not look like him. And ghosts can be not as scary as he thought.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 248 Total words: 674

Hard words: fright, rainbow, sadness, hut, fog, brave, palace, waist, ghost, worried, bite, grandfather, honey, wooden, coast, round, grass, noise, gate, towards, golden, crazy, wake, works, bear, lots, shut, grab, dress, afraid, cry.