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 Elizabeth Gaskell

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Edith and Margaret were cousins. They spent a lot of time together and love each other. Edith was going to get marry and live with her husband, so Margaret has to go home and left the aunt’s house where she was on holidays. She was a daughter of a vicar and they lived in a vicarage. That place was like a village in a poem, very lovely and beauty. The family was poor. They did not have any horses and had to walk a lot. When Margaret came to Helstone, she noticed that her parents have changed. Her mother seemed deeply discontented and father was sad, there was an anxiety on his face. Margaret was unprepared for this discontent. Every evening, after tea, the vicar disappeared in his library. He told that he studied a lot. But ones he called to his daughter in that room and opened to her a secret, which could break her heart…

Hard words:

absorbed, alibi, blush, clergyman, contempt, despair, despise, disdain, distressed, exclai gaze, gloo haughty, inherit, mutiny, riot, strike, sympathy