Great Britain flag icon  Northanger Abbey

 Jane Austen

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People with a luxuriant imagination have a funny life. They've read a lot of books and expect to meet the same interesting secrets and events in reality. Our main character is this type of personality. Catherine Morland enjoys reading the gothic novels and the horror stories. She is pretty but not a beauty. She isnt stupid but very naive. Catherine is only seventeen. She came from a small village to visit her relatives. It seems that her dream will come true. Catherine hopes to get into many exciting situations just like described in books. Balls, receptions, theaters, new acquaintances and an invitation to the abbey are a perfect background for her own fantasy. Catherine is so fascinated that she can't notice what's going on in front of her face.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2480 Total words: 30824

Hard words: pearl, basing, securing, blamed, unfolded, inventing, judged, ungraceful, civilised, allen, excused, ungenerou inconstant, hosting, dismissed, achieved, bush, inconveniently, solved, teased, discouraged, squeezed, honour, cheque, lord