Great Britain flag icon  On the Beach

 Nevil Shute

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Peter Holmes is an officer in the Australian Navy. This morning the man wakes up very early. For several minutes he is lying in the bed, looking at the rays of the bright Australian sun falling into the room. It is Thursday. It is about five o'clock. Soon it will be very light outside. His little daughter will wake up. Up to this point, getting out of bed is not necessary. Peter is in a great mood. After all, he is to get a promotion. The officer hopes he will sail again. He loves the sea and dreams of it. Work on land is not for him. For some time Peter did not go to the sea because of some problems. Now he feels very bored without long trips. But this fine Thursday will change everything in his life. This is the main reason of his good mood.

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Hard words: pearl, shanghai, harbour, pacific, periscope, ford, bay, undamaged, august, petrol, communicating, secretarial, radioactivity, heartless, scorpion, swordfish, streetcar, siberian, punishing, mystic, lying, stored, typing, eleventh, cobalt, shopkeeper, undress, warship.