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 Gillian Cross

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The boy is lying on the bed and looking at the window. He does not understand why he is in this place. Why is the door closed? He does not know who he is. An unknown man and woman bring him food. But they explain nothing. Why do they say that he is their son? He is often afraid of them. Sometimes the boy thinks that he is crazy and there are really his parents behind the door. Jinny works on the farm. The girl has no time to investigate other people's secrets. Still she notices that people in one lonely cottage behave rather strange. There is often unknown suspicious noise from there. Jinny likes to find answers, but she does not like unnecessary problems. It seems that this time they will find her themselves.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1179 Total words: 15851

Hard words: pretending, sounded, pushed, parents, hallo, unworried, liked, answered, grey, moved, passed, hurting, investigated, staying, worst, discovered, worked, pretended, crossly, staring, picked, kept, shouted, explained, held, stepped, tiredly, hammered, realized, touched