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 Jennifer Bassett

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Do you like traveling? Don't you think, that the trains have their own individual charming atmosphere and romance? A quick flight by plane will not give so much bright emotion as a leisurely journey by train. Tom Walsh lived long enough in the world. He met lots of different people and knew many interesting stories. He was a calm quiet man who loved travelling. Travelling by trains was his special passion. Tom found it a real pleasure to meet new people. Once he got interested in two American girls in the train during another trip. Tom thought they were smart enough, cheerful and sociable. This is a collection of short stories. It presents numerous interesting situations that Tom got in while travelling by trains.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 605 Total words: 5192

Hard words: policewoman, finnish, frenchman, thirsty, vodka, hack, bill, eighty, necklace, noisy, carriage, packet, passport, nicely, bored, loudly, excite, boring, policeman, damn, bicycle, diamond, hurry