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 Frank Brennan

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Kathy Paige was blind from her birth. The doctor's mistake cost her sight for the rest of the life. But that was a long time ago. Now Kathy is the most famous journalist of the British radio. She was loved by everyone for the mind, and tough, but honest interviews. Political and public figures received uncomfortable sharp questions and were forced to answer them. She had a quiet and calm voice that many men liked. Kathy spoke like a strict but caring mother. Despite this, the girl was really ruthless towards her opponents. Many politicians regretted they were relaxed due to her charming voice. Kathy could not see many tricks: gestures and facial expressions, which politicians like to use. She listened to the voice. The smart journalist learned to hear it better than many others.

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Hard words: queen, tended, newsdesk, ageing, colourful, honour, judging, motherly, bye, dishonesty, moustache, shyness, eyesight, lying, senseless, doorbell, truthful, further, spreading, progressively, congratulations, careless, armchair, pleasing, bandage, guaranteed, doubtful, quiz, tier, misunderstand, patiently.