Great Britain flag icon  Owl Creek Bridge

 Ambrose Bierce

1529    57    13    1    6     13

This story begins with an unusual scene. A civilian in the clothes of a planter is standing on the bridge. There are several soldiers in the form of the Confederate States near him. The Civil War is going on in Alabama.The only spectators of this scene are a few more soldiers standing nearby. The civilian is looking at the water thinking how to escape. He is dreaming of returning to his wife and children and is ready to use the slightest chance for this. But the captain nods and the penalty begins. The second part of the story begins from the life of a wealthy slave owner. He lives in Alabama and did not join the army. But still he is ready to help the Confederate States. And soon the slaver gets this long awaited opportunity.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 417 Total words: 1711

Hard words: invaded, reload, further, thirst, thirsty, cannon, commanding, mustache, plank, landowner, sunshine, sunrise, scout, splash, firing, whistle, reported, daylight, owl, educated, plantation, grind, dive, awake, hunger, cord, shallow, repair, handsome, railroad, trap.