Great Britain flag icon  Owl Hall

 Robert Campbell

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A fifteen-year-old Kara with her mother and younger brother goes to the countryside on holidays. The mother wanted to do a surprise so she did not tell the children the place. She rented a cottage Owl Hall. It was an unknown place. It was not even on the map. Therefore, they lost. Trying to find the right way, they met a man with white teeth and a big dog. He turned out to be their neighbor. Cara did not like him at once. After coming to Owl Hall, Cara hears a strange voice, which asks her to help him and help him go. Neither the girl, nor her brother enjoyed this house. There are no telephone connection, TV or Internet. This cottage is like from a horror movie. Cara decides to make a film about Owl Hall on her telephone. She is also going to write about it in the blog, as the owners of the house asked. During the filming, the girl suddenly notices someone hiding behind the bushes.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1273 Total words: 14828

Hard words: pyromaniac, trike, dartboard,pyro, bush, motorway, ford, dominated, max, sleepwalk, imagining,directed, goodnight, unopened, collapsed, separating, upload, waving, rubbish, oar, lying, p mu wavy