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 Jane Austen

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"Persuasion" is the most autobiographical book by Jane Austen. She created it before her death and summed up her own life in this story. Therefore "Persuasion" is unlike from the other five author's famous novels. It's filled out by Jane Austen's private real stories. The main hero is Anne Elliot, who, like her creator, was the same appearance, temper, passion and had the same love stories. Anne's father Elliot had problems with money and he had to rent out their house for Admiral Croft. Admiral Croft was a relative of Captain Frederick Wentworth, and it was unacceptable for Anne, because she was engaged to Captain many years ago. But Anne's friend Lady Russell persuaded her to broke the engagement because of Frederic's poverty. The situation has changed now and Wentworth became wealth, so she tried to avoid her old house, but it became more and more hard.

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Hard words:

inconstant, harbour, baronet, honour, invested, snobbish, hearted, spendthrift, offended, imprudent, neighbourhood, considered, gentlemanly, fanny, nobleman, vicar, presumptive, curate, humiliated, executor, coldness