Great Britain flag icon  Pinocchio

 Carlo Collodi

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Everyone knows the popular story about a wooden boy whose nose grew longer every time he told a lie. But only a few remember what adventures and obstacles he went through. Pinocchio was made by a poor old carpenter named Geppetto. The man treated Pinocchio like his own son. He bought him a writing book and sent to school. Pinocchio wanted to be a good boy. But he often disobeyed his father and made bad decisions. First he sold his writing book to see a puppet show. Later the Fox and the Cat convinced him to plant coins in a magic field and wait for money trees. Pinocchio met a lot of enemies on his way. But once he met a kind friend who lent him a helping hand. When all troubles of Pinocchio are over, everything he wishes for is to become a real boy.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 537 Total words: 4089

Hard words: parents, tommy, grey, mending, carried, worked, kept, shouted, held, turned, returned, sold, helped, pulled, opened, dropped, searching, stopped, shouting, hurried, fell, tried, trying, grown, lying, felt, bravely, looking, spoke, upside