Great Britain flag icon  Pride And Prejudice

 Jane Austen

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Elizabeth, one of five unmarried daughters of a poor but respectable family Bennett. The main sense of her life Mrs. Bennet sees the marriage of their daughters. When the neighbourhoods have settled two eligible bachelors, Mr. Charles Bingley and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, the life of each of the daughters Bennett has filled whirlwind of events. A fun and easy temper Bingley immediately have to appeal to all in the area, which can not be said about Darcy – an attractive, wealthy, educated, but reclusive and arrogant. Elizabeth has won the heart of a young aristocrat, but she rejected him in disgust: Darcy saw her too arrogant and complacent, he was scared a material difference in their social position. And the story also told by Mr. Wickhams cruel deed which had been done by Darcy to hate Elizabeth. Will Darcy get favours from a young lady or wrap up hatred to love?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2310 Total words: 39585

Hard words: unfelt, deathblow, positioned, quieten, favourably, unfolded, heartlessnes unimportance, seizing, spiritles grandnes excused, deepened, ungenerou thoughtlessnes pretence, ceremoniou unconcern, unpardonable, disheartened, forming, comfortingly, honour, luckless