Great Britain flag icon  Sense And Sensibility

 Jane Austen

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This book was the most beloved for many generations of women in the whole world. Published in 1811, this novel became the "school of life" for schoolgirls, which hid the book from their parents. The book was read out in the houses of aristocrats, literary salons and cottages. Nowadays "Sense and sensibility" is an indispensible part of the gold world literature fund. It hasn't lost charm, elegance and gloss. The main theme of this book is the fight between prudence, heart feelings and impulses. The main characters are two sisters, who are great antipodes to each other. Their story began after their father had died. Dashwoods family lost their inheritance. Now they are learning to live without usual luxury.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1333 Total words: 26955

Hard words: jeweller, queen, deceiving, jewellery, untruthful, lord, mannered, neighbourhood, fashionably, flattered, fanny, delightfully, curate, thoughtless, furnished, madam, ordained, unsuitable, brooch, clergyman, sportsman, flattering, lying, cheaply, stepmother, duel, conduit, stormy, rescuer, unpack.