Great Britain flag icon  Silas Marner

 George Eliot

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Silas Marner was a man with a very hard fate. He lived a happy life of a simple weaver. Also he had his best friend William. Besides, he intended to get marry with a young and beautiful girl Sarah, when they save enough money. But William betrayed Silas and declared him as a thief showing false clues. Wrecked Silas had to live his home to escape from people anger and fact, that Sarah and William planned to get marry. Unhappy man had come to village of Raveloe. The only thing, he could do was to weave, so he did it all days long. He lived a lonely live in the country, and all that he had was linen, his loom and money. Finally he became fond of money, he worked hard only for the one goal – to count money at the pot in the evening. One night his house was robbed and money was stolen. Silas felt like a most miserable man in the world, but suddenly God gave him something back…

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1568 Total words: 11991

Hard words: shrewd, weaver, hummed, quarry, witchcraft, heal gossip, staring, attended, sought, wandering, dandelion, foxglove, slanting, trance, deacon, stern, reproach, spiteful, fellow, gambling, plump, sneering, threatening, fence, flask, gathering, lane, sprinkled, wheelwright, cobbler, soaking, clue tinder-box, pedlar, mild, bereft, lump, hearth, clai mingled, parson, smack, brow, dimpled, blushed, tri drainage, beforehand, shyly, flushed, grasped