Great Britain flag icon  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

 Mark Twain

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Welcome to the classic children literature! There are charming quiet town on Mississippi river, sunny and green valley, simple and touching people, the atmosphere of game and romance... Such are Sawyer's adventures – a harmonious and happy book for the children... but is it really for children? The author Mark Twain assured readers that this book was created for adult and can be interesting only for them. Cheerful and cheeky children Tom and Huck became impersonation of 'an American dream'. They attain the rights to freedom and happiness with courage at school and church; in a wooded Jackson's island, being the pirates; in a court for saving an innocent; in a horrible, deserted house where the treasures were hidden; in the maze of McDougal caves...

Text Analysis: Unique words: 685 Total words: 5518

Hard words: potter, muff, huckleberry, meow, whisky, haunted, alright, welsh, graveyard, frying, kite, bill, raft, beetle, daytime, whiskey, blonde, lazy, amazed, robbery, bark, terrify, reverend, confused, picnic, fireplace, eighteen, jam, downstairs, grind.