USA flag icon  The Age of Innocence

 Edith Wharton

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This novel is one of the most important literary phenomena of the first half of the XX century. Here you'll find a tragic and a shrill love story, shocking the basis of bases the society of the upper class in a New York of 1870, which tried to copy a manners of Victorian England. This is the history of clean and bright feelings, which the young Newland Archer felt to the shiny, educated and unfortunate countess Ellen Olenska . Newland Archer is a successful lawyer, who is dreaming about a real passion in a depth of his soul. He is engaged with the sweet and innocent girl. This marriage will give him a satisfied and quiet life. But when the cousin of his future wife - Ellen came to the USA after the public scandal in Europe, Archer gets into her nets of secret powers and a beauty. Now our hero has to make a choice between the world that he know and a world of his dream.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1613 Total words: 13594

Hard words: childishnes conventionality, invested, fastening, flippant, minded, unpleasantly, permitted, offended, quoted, abstractly, blowing, considered, rose, bay, racehorse