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 John Milne

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The private detective Salahadin came to the hotel, where his friend stayed. The whole day Sahaladin was waiting for his friend in his office, but he did not come. The thing is that he had been murdered in his room. The police group were working in the hotel, when the detective arrived. They did not allow him to come to the corpse. There was inspector Ahmed, who was Salahadin's friend. He gave the access to the crime scene for the detective. The body of the dead man was in the bed with the knife in his chest. The victim was an archaeologist. He had just arrived from the south of Egypt to Cairo. He had found something very important and wanted to show it to Salahadin. According to the porters' words, they had delivered six boxes to the room. The archaeologist had carried the seventh and the heaviest one himself. This particular box was gone. Someone, who stole the box, killed the archaeologist. The detectives start an investigation.

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Hard words: bush, aeroplane, acropoli gangway, verandah, dockside, seaport, archeologist, goodnight, lying, swede, spade, telegra funnel, smuggler, steward, robber, cupboard, arabic, midday, smuggle, railway, luckily, cooler, twisted, lebanese, cathedral