Great Britain flag icon  The Book of Houghts

 Frank Brennan

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On this day, Chester felt much even more tired than on any other day before. These eight hours in the office took a lot of energy. Chester is one of the junior managers in the large company in Singapore. This is a good position, but it includes a lot of extra work, small assignments and tasks. Other employees did not like him, as Chester recently graduated from the university and immediately started working in a good position. Many others have worked for years without any promotions. He understood this and did not take offense at the ironic smiles and small jokes. But it did not make life easier. He needed reliable colleagues. He wanted to be sure that the personal dislikes of these people would not hinder his work. Chester was very well aware that without reliable subordinates he would never get promoted.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 721 Total words: 3613

Hard words: tike, undercooked, takeaway, cookery, sociable, yellowed, smartly, rubbish, judgement, mum, alarmed, typing, handbag, congratulations, annoy, cupboard, aged, congratulate, cinema, jealousy, exhausted, bill, briefcase, eighty, cheerful, deepest, squash, dislike.