Great Britain flag icon  The Canterville Ghost

 Oscar Wilde

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Adapted work of classical literature from a writer who became famous for his mystical sad tales. This book is one of them. A ghost lived in the Canterville castle for a long time. They say he killed many generations there. Eventually, the house was sold. A new family moved to the castle. One day they sat down to dinner. Suddenly they saw a red stain on the floor. Later they learnt that blood stain belonged to the late wife of the ghost. Father cleaned the spot, but it appeared the next day. Every night the ghost wandered through the corridors bothering the family. Its chains were always clanking. One night when the ghost started walking again, father suggested him to lubricate the chain by oil. The ghost got very angry and decided to get revenge.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 680 Total words: 4175

Hard words: anarchis cheque, lord, tine, painlessly, telepathy, unpleasantly, churchman, unfashionable, shilling, duches remover, fashioned, hoy, restful, toxicology, headles leaning, repaint, unkind, teacup, anarchist, painles fiancee, boo, antarctic, hind