Great Britain flag icon  The Confession

 Jennifer Bassett

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The first thing that happens after arrest is an interrogation at a police station. The police officer asks questions, and the offender answers or keeps silence. Some of them are silent, others trie to lie and make excuses. Ian likes to talk. He is ready to tell everything in detail. He begins his story with the fact, that the idea belonged to Tony. This is his younger brother, but despite their age difference - Tony has always been very smart. Ian just agreed. He is nervous, because it is impossible to feel comfortable in the interrogation room. There is a special chair and it is very uncomfortable to sit on it. The front legs are shorter than the rear ones. But nobody comes to the interrogation room of their own free will and Jan has to endure inconvenience and talk.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 550 Total words: 2182

Hard words: lorry, airless, roundabout, signpost, talker, rubbish, mum, packing, checkpoint, weekday, nightclub, trained, controlled, torch, packet, robbery, weep, hut, rob, clever, sometime, cargo, spy, transport, skip, fixed, expected, eleven, disappointed, detective, driving.