Great Britain flag icon  The Coral Island

 R. M. Ballantyne

18147    259    30    40    83     154

Three young Englishmen, 15-year-old Ralph Rover, Jack, who is older than him for three years, and the cheerful 14-year-old Peter, were got on a desert island after their ship was wrecked. They made their life in the spirit of Robinson Crusoe, and despite the typhoons, wild boar attacks and hostile visitors to the island, they lived an almost perfect life. The boys made fire by rubbing two sticks and climb the palm trees for coconuts. The boys were building a boat with sails of copra to get to a nearby island, where Jack won the battle of the leader of the tribe Taror. Then the pirates kidnapped Ralph whose adventures continued in the southern islands.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2426 Total words: 22454

Hard words: blast, gale, mast, rudder, peer, strangled, pounded, within, cling, rigging, lad, roar, gale, dash, lashed, tremendou claw, sobbing, foremast, churn, glimpse, frothing, entangled, lurch, struggling, hurled, pitched, clenched, frown, gashed, leeward, shrub dazzling, ripple, tugging, budge, plucked, wrench, bough surf, lullaby, stammered, twig, parrot, grinned, rubbed, plunged, hue, oyster, seaweed, peeping, inland, grove, startled, pattering, rumbling, hurtling, tumbled, clambering, halt, stump, decayed, mos pole, riddle, cord, lopping, paddle astride, baited, floundering,log, warily, ripple, crude, melancholy, dwelling, decay, latch, eerie, creak, di hewn, stool, powder, tumble, set out, to and fro, merely, inflammable, tinder, mournful, dumb, icicle, limestone, ruffle, plank, chestnut, peg, oblong, sew, fogbank, swiftly, summit, crest, stunned, utterly, perched, outlet, islet, merrily, antic, strutted, squall, scared, stiff, creaked, barely, craft, plight, hollow, wrung, stunned, ghastly, dragged, glea ordeal, unabated, sunlit, frizzed, smeared, wielded, flee, captor savage, captive, gasped, skull, wailed, shrank, moan, overawed, clasped, clawed, tossed, gulped, groped, wedged, gruff, vice, jerked, cutlas jutting, knot, veered, shaggy, scowling, oath, whelp, cocked, astern, bulwark blubbering, aft, grub, hatchway, bawled, bea blackguard trade, superintend, shoal, creaking, flap, swell, awning, tiller, r stirring, bustle, stowed, halyard, overhaul, straw, Gospel, har tame, cluster, pelting, volley, ruthles rivulet, jammed, windward, anchor, fatho swar feasted, point-blank, bound, aghast, fleet, rage, seething, dread, mustered, glided, shriek, appalling, straighten, asunder, bulged, wafted, lurched, winced, ambushed, scattered, mob, nap, squall, belaying-pin, stunning, hoist, lashed, snatch, soaring, gale, gleamed, ceaseles beheld, grease, poker, thrust, spluttering, choking, prancing, pumped, dreary, laden, carved, indistinct, speck, boso hove-to, straw, heathen commotion, molest, daubed, smeared, plank ghastly, mockery, utter, mingled, chide, bantering, lung amid, dissected, haggard, nettled, defiance, rooted, harmed, halt, prow, hurled, torment, hurricane, sprawled, appalling, shamble vessel